Styling with Kelly


After over ten years of working as a stylist in NYC I have realized one thing. Everyone is beautiful-they just don’t realize it yet.

There is a belief that a stylist is only for celebrites. That belief is WRONG.

As a stylist, I help my clients work with their body shape. Find clothes that not only shows who they are but makes them feel fabulous.

Feeling fabulous is not only reserved for celebrities- feeling fabulous is a right that everyone should experience on the daily.

If you want to feel stunning in the skin that you are in, click here to email me and let's set up a free consult for you.


So often clients come to me overwhelmed in how to find the perfect pair of jeans.

So often clients say, "Oh no! I could never wear that color."

So often clients feel, "Im not gonna buy anything new until I lose twenty pounds.


We all feel I'll be happy when...

I have enough money,

the perfect body,

or someday.

Well I am here to tell you happiness begins with YOU. Lets work together-I am here to be in your back pocket, in your rolladex, on speed dial to remove the overwhelm out of being stylish.


Everyone has a unique signature style. Click here for a free consult.

New fashion. New YOU.


I cant wait to get to know you,



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